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How To Properly Thaw Calamari

How to Properly Thaw Calamari

Properly thawing (or slacking) frozen calamari not only preserves the high quality of the product,…

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Another Year, Another Successful SENA

Another Year, Another Successful SENA

The Town Dock team wrapped up yet another successful Seafood Expo North America (SENA) in…

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SENA 2018 Is Near!

SENA 2018 is Near!

The Town Dock is shipping up to Boston this month for Seafood Expo North America!…

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Traditionally Cleaned Vs. Fully Cleaned Squid

Traditionally Cleaned vs. Fully Cleaned Squid

The squid industry has its own lingo, and there are two phrases everyone should know…

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Resolve To Eat More Calamari!

Resolve to Eat More Calamari!

The New Year is upon us and that means resolutions. We say we’ll try to…

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