Calamari Recipes & Inspirations

Take a look through our recipes and inspirations and see what calamari can do!

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Nashville Hot Calamari Steak Sandwiches

2024 Town Dock Calamari Cookbook

Recipe: White Calamari Pizza

Recipe: Calamari Scampi with Linguini

Smoked Calamari BLT Sandwich: A Creative Seafood BLT Recipe

Mediterranean Lemon Grilled Calamari Steaks

Hot Honey Calamari Pizza

No Wings? Think Buffalo Calamari Rings!

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Calamari Holiday Meals

Recipe: Calamari Steak Burger

Recipe: Calamari Caesar Salad

Recipe: Calamari Pozole Verde

Fall Calamari Recipes

How Fry Calamari for Foodservice

Recipe: Rhode Island Style Calamari at Home

Recipe: Calamari Steak Katsu

Recipe: Calamari Piccata

Recipe: Calamari Miso Ramen

Recipe: Calamari Margherita Pizza

Recipe:  Gochujang Calamari with Noodles

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Recipe: Spanish Style Calamari Tapas

Recipe: Pan Roasted Calamari with Chorizo

Recipe: Rosemary Pancetta Calamari with Parmesan Polenta

Recipe: Arancini Stuffed Calamari Tubes

Recipe: Calamari Paella

How-To: Sauté Calamari

Recipe: BBQ Sweet Chili Grilled Calamari

How-To: Grilled Calamari

Recipe: Penne with Calamari and Cherry Tomatoes

Recipes: Calamari Burgers & Bites

Recipe: Calamari Gyro

Calamari for... kids!? (Yes!)

Recipe: Cozy Calamari Stew

Calamari + Nutrition (+ eBook!)

Ojingeo-Bokkeum (Spicy Stir-Fried Squid) with MSC + Chef Chris Cho

Crab Stuffed Calamari Over Pasta

Mushroom Dusted Fall Calamari

Recipe: Chicken-Fried Calamari Steak Sandwich

Bocadillo de Calamares

Calamari Linguine allo Scoglio

Calamari & Seafood Risotto

The Secret to Crispy Pan Fried Calamari

Celebrating the Versatility of Calamari

Spicy Calamari & Sweetcorn Risotto

Calamari Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

Recipe: Chimichurri Calamari Steak Sandwich

Recipe: Kimchi Calamari Poke Bowl

Recipe: Air Fryer Calamari

Recipe: Fire Roasted Calamari Tacos

Recipe: IPA Battered Calamari with Orange Juice Cocktail Sauce

Recipe: Calamari Fra Diavolo

Chill Out: The Right Way to Thaw Calamari

The Rise of Calamari & The S.C.U.

Infographic: Three Quick Food Trends

Recipe: Grilled Calamari & White Bean Salad

Recipe: Calamari Ceviche

Recipe: Calamari Banh Mi

Recipe: Calamari “al Pastor” Tostada

Recipe: Korean BBQ Calamari Lettuce Wraps

Recipe: Shores of the Mediterranean Calamari Fritta (Gluten-Free)

Recipe: California Popcorn Calamari

Seafood Terms and Phrases to Know

How to Properly Thaw Calamari

Recipe: Spring Mediterranean Calamari Salad

Recipe: Barbecued Calamari with Green Tomato Salsa

Recipe: Stuffed Calamari

Recipe: Grilled Calamari Chopped Salad with Chickpeas, Olives & Salami

Recipe: Thai Peanut Calamari

Recipe: Giada de Laurentiis’ Calamari, Tomato and Caper Salad

Recipe: Spiced Calamari with Fennel & Smashed Avocado

Recipe: Grilled Sausage-Stuffed Calamari

Recipe: Amalfi Calamari Pasta

Recipe: Barbecued Salt and Pepper Squid

Recipe: Korean Grilled Squid Salad

Recipe: Sesame Grilled Calamari

Recipe: Calamari, Chickpea, and Chorizo Salad

Recipe: Grilled Squid with Pineapple and Roasted Garlic

Recipe: Party Squid and Harissa Mayo

Recipe: Easy 5-Step Garlic Sauteed Calamari

Recipe: Grilled Chorizo-Stuffed Calamari

Recipe: Town Dock Calamari

Traditionally Cleaned vs. Fully Cleaned Squid

Resolve to Eat More Calamari!

The Feast of the Seven Fishes Celebration

Wine Pairings & Calamari Appetizers for Thanksgiving

October is National Seafood Month - 2017

Kick Off the Football Season with Buffalo Fried Calamari!

Fourth of July – Grilled Calamari with Minted Red Pepper

Grilled Calamari for the Summer

The Feast of the Seven Fishes

Perfect Pairings for Thanksgiving

The Flavors of Fall

Skate Wing, Town Dock Featured in The Washington Post

Three Unique Calamari Appetizer Recipes for Thanksgiving Dinner

Recipes: Jamie Oliver’s Top 3 At Home Calamari Recipes

Matchmaking Calamari Recipes with Wines

Recipes: Stuffed Calamari Recipes For Your Labor Day Weekend

Great Beer Pairings with Different Calamari Styles

Three Easy Home Calamari Recipes to Kick Start Your Summer!

Feast of the Seven Fishes (festa dei sette pesci)

Share the Gift of Squid this Holiday Season!

A Squid Market: The History of Calamari

Calamari Featured in New York Times Magazine

Calamari: Your Go-To Dish

Happy Fourth of July From the Town Dock!

Squid Secrets Revealed

Recipe: AJ's Calamari Salad